What is Wisdom City?

With So much gladness and humility, I present to you Wisdom City, built long before now (16/07/17).

I say this with reference to Dr. Myles Munroe’s philosophy – “if there’s anything you’ve long dreamt of doing, and the opportunity comes to do it,… Do it! Why? Think of how long you’ll be dead!”

And the name, Wisdom City, comes from:

  • Ultimately, the inspiration came Jesus Christ. “…Jesus Christ who is the wisdom of God” 1Corinthians 1:24 GNT
  • My Love for the book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.
  • And, my name, Wisdom. 🙂

Beyond reasonable doubt, God created man for something greatgreater than man himself. Therefore, it takes more than our efforts, instincts, limited wisdom of this world and human philosophies to live up to all that God has created us for. More than the wisdom of man, you need the Unlimited Wisdom of God to live a purposeful life.

Wisdom City is a place where the value of Divine WISDOM is made known.

Wisdom City has similar vision statement as the book of Proverbs.

“…They will help you learn to be wise, to accept correction, and to understand wise sayings. They will teach you to develop your mind in the right way. You will learn to do what is right and to be honest and fair …will make even those without education smart. They will teach young people what they need to know and how to use what they have learned. Even the wise could become wiser… They will gain understanding and learn to solve difficult problems.” – in light of the person of Jesus Christ. Proverbs 1:1‭-‬5 ERV

Wisdom City offers all of that through posts that cover the topic of life, in general and Bible study for now. 🙂


Wisdom City is a God-given platform, and so Truths in Wisdom City can be Hazardous to Areas of Your Life that doesn’t Glorify God.

Without counsel(divine and godly instruction) purpose are dissapointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established. Proverbs 15: 22