The Potter’s touch.

This post was inspired by T. R. Nobel‘s post, I was the seed that thought I could grow.

However, it took me more than expected to put this post together. Sit back and enjoy it. I hope it ministers to you.

I couldn’t be any better –

Everyone’s delight,

At the beck and call of all.



Out of the blue,

A call to be served.

How rewarding.



“I say this because I know the plans that I have for you …I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 ERV

Indescribable, was His gentle touch.

His touch matched His Words.

Ouch! It left me all cracked.


And in the least fraction of time,

Shattered, shattered, shattered.


And what seemed like a storm

Were the Potter’s graceful showers.

Oh! Please… What difference did it make?


I was fast losing my curves, patterns and shades.

My pride. My definition. My dignity.

And only one thing comes to mind – His Words.


And as though no one cared,

With precision, the blows kept coming on and on!

How dare you call it a massage?

#Devastated. No! #Dead.


Tossed onto the Potter’s wheel,

Round and round it spurned and wait!…

I remember that feeling – The Potter’s gentle touch.


His hands were all over me.

I could feel the very contours that defined his finger prints,

As He shaped me into His perfect thought(s).


And then, the fire. Yes, the fire!

Against my expectation refined and consummated me.

Making bold and clear the Potters aesthetics.


The Potter’s choice and use of colour

Made me a reality of the Potter’s plan.

And as He presents me to the Father,


… Only one thing comes to mind –

His Words.


Hallelujah! I am the Potter’s now and forever.


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